Sweet Dreams Events, Décor and More

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Bakery, Catering and Event Planning

Name and Business name? Sweet Dreams Events, Décor and More

What type of business? One-Stop-Event-Shop for event planning, event decorating, custom cakes/treats and catering.

How long have you been operational?

Over 10 years

What inspired this dream? My love of being a part of events.

What was your biggest milestone?

Becoming an LLC

What is your dream in 5 years with your business? To have more demand for events and custom cakes so that I can hire more people from the community.

Any special notes you want to share in how your business serviced our community? I have donated my services to various events and charities. It has also shared many years by providing well-priced cakes and treats to hundreds of families.

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