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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Skin Care

Name and Business name? Latrecha Sandifer-Davidson Natural Essence

What type of business? I make natural product for skin and health. I also sell natural body oils.

How long have you been operational? I have only been in operation 6 months

What inspired this dream? What inspired this is dream is my daughter, she has eczema and nothing over the Counter worked for her skin, I had to her health into my own hands. I did my research and Did different test product until I found what worked for her. One product lead to another until a line of product that I felt other ppl with her skin type can use. My husband was the brains behind the Body He love getting the oils from the African shop so he told me to look into adding them to my line of items to sale ( to save him money…lol)

What was your biggest milestone? I have not met the milestone I want to reach, but to be recognized as a business People should know about it a start for me.

What is your dream in 5 years with your business? In 5 years, I would like my product in a black own spa or store.

Any special notes you want to share in how your business serviced our community? Begin a revelry new company I am still working getting out there to help the community.

Contact Information:

My Instagram page is Naturalessenceskincares

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