LeRoy Willis Realty & LW Dream Appraisal

Real Estate Brokerage

The owner and Sole proprietor of 2 companies. LeRoy Willis Realty and LW Dream Appraisal... LWR is a full service Real Estate Brokerage that assists with buying and selling Homes and Investment properties. LW Dream Appraisal is the valuation of Real Estate to determine true Market Values for properties. Banks and Lenders contract my services to ensure Home Loans are accurate and justified. I've been in Real Estate for 17 years but have been an independent Business Owner for 7 years. My love for Real Estate was sparked by being homeless and unstable as a kid and wanting a bedroom of my own. Achieving my Appraisal License. The Appraisal industry is very tough and political. It took me 5years from beginning to end bc the process is flawed and set up for you to fail or quit. My 5 year Goal is continued growth and inspiring some of our own to get involved in this industry. I envision LWR having 5-10 Brokers and LW Dream Appraisal Having at least 3 Appraiser Trainees. I assist the community by empowering minorities to overcome there fears of home ownership and how investing in Real Estate can build generational wealth...

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