Distini Saluti (Best Regards in Italian)

Boutique Engraving and Personalizing Company

Type of Business?

Boutique engraving and personalizing company

How long have you been operational?

I've been operational for exactly 3 months

What inspired this dream?

My inspiration came from the need to have items personalized. When I saw the demand. I sought to become a player. Period.

What was your biggest milestone?

In my very short time being a business, I'd have to say the biggest milestone so far is becoming profitable.

What is your dream in five years for your business?

In 5 years, I have plans on having a significant enough niche within the market that the business garners both interest as an asset and begin the conversation among the community to work with our hands.

Any special notes you want to share about your business?

I'm VERY early in the life of this business. So I haven't done much just yet. But definitely keep your eyes open.

Right now the special deals show up on my page from time to time when I have additional stock. Other than that, I'm building.

Contact Information

IG @Distini_Saluti

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