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Name of Business?

Chicago Live Events

What inspired this dream?

  • I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and never had a passion about anything other than law school. Once law school did not pan out, I felt totally devastated and thought my life is over. I worked my 9-5 for two more years and decided I’m going to take a leap of faith and start my own business. August 28, 2019 I quit and did not look back. I invested in myself, did the work and now I have an amazing venue.

What was your biggest milestone?

  • My biggest milestone was being turned down by a commercial landlord in Berwyn, IL only to be approved by a commercial landlord in Downtown Chicago.

What is your dream in 5 years with your business?

  • In 5 years, I want to have an event space in every major city. Atlanta, Miami, Houston or Dallas, San Diego or San Francisco.

Any special notes you want to share in how your business serviced our community?

  • We’re a luxury event space located in Downtown Chicago (River North).

Any specials, deals, coupons etc…?

  • We do have a special for entrepreneurs only- 6 hours for $500.00.

Contact Information


738 N Clark St Fl. 2 Chicago, IL 60654

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